Elevating biosecurity risk management to board tables in Tauranga Moana 

Two new guidance documents have been developed by  Biosecurity Business Pledge  members to  aid discussion about biosecurity in boardrooms and at  senior leadership tables.  

The ‘CEO Guide to Biosecurity’ and ‘Biosecurity Considerations for Boards’ were developed by Pledge signatory organisations in consultation with a cross-section of Pledge chief executives and governors.

The significance of biosecurity to the economy and the business community is underscored by its top priority ranking for eleven years straight in the KPMG agribusiness agenda. With the high degree of connectivity between businesses, it is a risk that commands active governance and management at all top tables.   

James Trevelyan, Managing Director and CEO of Trevelyan’s, welcomed the CEO guidance as helping businesses identify and operationalise their mitigating responses to their key biosecurity risks and practices. 

“In New Zealand, the risk of unwanted pests (plant or animal) and diseases could devastate individual businesses and sectors, our economy, our environment, and even our way of life.”

The CEO Guide to Managing Biosecurity Risk and Biosecurity Considerations for Boards are guidelines designed to support businesses in taking top-down leadership through the development of high-level biosecurity risk plans that can be tailored for individual companies. These guidelines are valuable tools that will shape efforts to protect our businesses, Tauranga Moana’s unique environment and the economy.

The guidelines are freely available at the links below. If you have any questions about these guidelines or the Biosecurity Business Pledge, contact Debbie Teale, executive director of the Pledge debbie@debbieteale.co.nz



The Biosecurity Business Pledge is a partnership that aims to help all New Zealand businesses take a proactive approach to their biosecurity practices.  The network functions as a forum for members to engage and collaborate in ways that build collective biosecurity capability. 

Many of TMBC’s partner organisations such as NZ Avocado, Zespri, Trevelyan’s, KVH, Port of Tauranga, SPSBiota, AgResearch, Forest Owners Association, Better Biosecurity Solutions and Federated Farmers are also Pledge members.  New members to the network are always welcomed and recently-joined Bay of Plenty businesses include Gisborne Glass, Bay of Plenty Vets and Waiū Dairy Company. 

More information about becoming a Pledge member can be found here.