Why does it matter?

Biosecurity is about protecting our region against unwanted organisms. It matters to anyone who likes to harvest kaimoana from the sea, walk in native forest or eat New Zealand-grown produce. It affects us if we want to earn a living or operate a business. Our economy and lifestyle depend on the health of our land and sea.

One biosecurity breach could threaten an entire species of birds or trees. It could harm our environment, health, our livelihoods and our cultural identity, affecting us and future generations. It would hit our port, tourism, horticulture and farms – everyone from gardeners to chief executives.

We can’t afford another horticultural disease – Psa devastated orchardists and their families, the Te Puke community in particular. If the brown marmorated stink bug establishes here, it will create havoc in our homes and orchards and cost New Zealand billions of dollars.

Meanwhile, our beloved pōhutukawa, mānuka and kauri currently face deadly threats from introduced invaders.

Ko Tātou – This Is Us

A national movement

Biosecurity is integral in keeping our beautiful home safe from pests and diseases. Ko Tātou This Is Us asks us to take a moment to think about how biosecurity protects our way of life; the outdoor environment where we fish, farm, hunt and explore; the beautiful biodiversity of our unique ecosystem; even the food we eat.

Every one of us have a role to play in preventing pests and diseases from getting into New Zealand or in helping to stop their spread if they do get here.

It takes all of us to protect what we’ve got. Ko Tātou This Is Us.

The movement shows all New Zealanders, both individuals and businesses, that they are essential in helping strengthen our biosecurity system and every small action towards better biosecurity is important

Join TMBC to strengthen NZ’s biosecurity team of 5 million – that’s all of us!