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Register Now – TMBC Biosecurity Symposium

Registrations are open for the fourth annual Tauranga Moana Biosecurity Excellence Symposium.  The theme this year is ‘Biosecurity Reset: working together to strengthen the system’.  

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New Gall Midge Eats the Fungus That Causes Myrtle Rust

A new species of gall midge, Mycodiplosis constricta, has been described and noted as the first in NZ. What’s interesting about this species is what it feeds on: the urediniospores of Austropucccinia psidii, the fungus that causes myrtle rust. 

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STEMFest Returns in 2022 with Stellar Support

Prepare to take off for the best STEMFest yet as New Zealand’s largest science, technology, engineering, and mathematics festival (STEM) returns after a two-year hiatus. TMBC will join more than 50 exhibitors from all over Aotearoa at the festival. 

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Our Pest-Free Port

The Port of Tauranga Biosecurity Excellence programme is running full steam ahead with several on-port activities planned during Biosecurity Week. The team will be visiting all staffrooms and portacoms throughout the week to meet workers at the frontline. 

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Get Onside With Quick and Easy Traceability

KVH and Onside are working together to make it easier for growers to keep records for plant material movements. This makes meeting the requirements of KVH’s new Pathway Plan simple and ensures that growers meet requirements.

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New Biosecurity Science Investment

Better Border Biosecurity has invested $4 million in new research projects that include the development of new eDNA applications monitoring and speeding up the assessment of pathogens in imported budwood.

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First Māori Biosecurity Symposium a Success

Organised by Te Tira Whakamātaki, home of the Māori biosecurity network, the three-day wānanga focussed on celebrating Māori biosecurity practices and connecting biosecurity practitioners for communities, industry and agencies to come together in a Kaupapa Māori environment to consider how Māori and their mātauranga can contribute to the restoration of our natural world.

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Bay of Plenty Young Grower Competition

Congratulations to all eight contestants in the 2022 Bay of Plenty Young Grower competition.  Laura Schultz (Trevelyans)…

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Who Says Wallabies Don’t Exist?

This photo – taken in a farm paddock near Rotorua – shows the very real issue for farmers when wallabies become well established. That’s why Bay of Plenty Regional Council are working alongside the Rotorua community, mana whenua, MPI, Waikato Regional Council, Federated Farmers and conservation groups to stop their spread.

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New Biosecurity Measures to Protect Against FMD

Travellers will not be allowed to bring personal consignments of any meat products from Indonesia to New Zealand in the latest step to protect against Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD), says Biosecurity New Zealand deputy director general Stuart Anderson.

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TMBC Supports Potential Northland Collaboration

Last month, TMBC’s Co-Chairs attended a biosecurity wānanga at Waitangi for a two-day kōrero bringing together hapū and planting the seed for a regional biosecurity collaboration initiative in Northland.  

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2022 Biosecurity Excellence Symposium

Save the date for the fourth annual Tauranga Moana Biosecurity Excellence Symposium. This is our biggest event of the year, focussing on a ‘Biosecurity Reset’.

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