Allied Pickfords making it easy for new arrivals to understand their role in biosecurity

Allied Pickfords making it easy for new arrivals to understand their role in biosecurity

When TMBC members Allied Pickfords approached Biosecurity New Zealand to produce a flyer alerting new arrivals into New Zealand about the risks of brown marmorated stink bugs, they took it one step further by getting them translated into simplified Chinese and Korean languages.

This was to get their clients on board as part of the biosecurity team of all New Zealanders, encouraging them to look out for hitchhiker pests whilst unpacking their boxes.

Todd Morris, Director of Allied Pickfords is delighted with the response.

“Many new kiwis are keen to embrace the New Zealand culture and way of life – one of the reasons they have chosen to start a new life here is the environment” says Todd.

“They often express relief at knowing what to do and who to call if they spot something unusual in their belongings after they arrive.”

Biosecurity New Zealand do a fantastic job of screening items, but it takes all of us to create the layers of protection that awareness brings. This is a great example.

“Many people who receive the flyers are surprised that they don’t get into any trouble for reporting something – so that is obviously a cultural issue that we have to overcome,” says Todd.

As a locally owned company that has been operating in Tauranga for over 20 years, Allied Pickfords knows what’s at stake if our environment isn’t kept safe from unwanted pests and diseases.

“Our employees and clients all enjoy our wonderful environment and we take any opportunity we can to play our part to ensure it’s safety.”

View the Korean flyer  |  Chinese flyer