With five years of history under our belts we are evolving into maturity and reflecting this growth, we are about to become an Incorporated Society.

This development will be marked with our ‘Inaugural AGM’ where we will formalise this change and acknowledge the progress made over the last five years.

We need your presence to move to the future.

As part of this celebration, we have some formal processes that we need to act to deliver upon the legal requirements for establishing an Incorporated Society. These processes are very simple and brief however, we do require a quorum of at least 20 members to pass a resolution for the new structure.

Why is this important?
Formalising the governance structure of TMBC will provide advantages in the form of certainty around legal identity, operating rules and limitations on liability. For example, incorporation will protect members of the leadership team acting on behalf of the society from personal liability. It will also allow TMBC to own assets or bank accounts, employ people and enter into contracts.

A recognised legal structure with clear governance will create an opportunity to provide the evidence needed to satisfy Charities Services of our charitable purpose and access both tax benefits and further opportunities for external resourcing and funding

Under the Incorporated Societies Act, the TMBC leadership, the Māori Caucus, employees and service providers can be reimbursed for reasonable expenses legitimately incurred on behalf of the society while pursuing the society’s purposes or through the provision of services to TMBC. The constitution will provide clarity regarding when and how any conflict of interest in this space including any surplus/reserves is managed.

Building on strong foundations.
The results of the collaboration in the previous five years provide an outstanding foundation for our organisation to continue to grow. Our unity in this Kaupapa provides not only the region with a strong voice about the importance of biosecurity to our environmental, economic and cultural stability but provides an exemplar to other regions of the mahi required to work towards biosecurity excellence.

Thank you for the role you have played in this journey, we look forward to growing together.

This event is open to all of our members and will include brief formalities followed by a presentation of the 2023/24 draft plan. Of course, we will mark this moment with some drinks and nibbles and a chance to network after the brief formalities.

17 July 2023

5.30pm - 7.30pm

Classic Flyers
9 Jean Batten Drive


Free to attend