What would happen in a fruit fly response: new guide for growers

Kiwifruit growers fruit fly preparedness

KVH has developed an awesome new guide for growers, detailing the likely sequence of events if a fruit fly response was to occur in a kiwifruit growing region. This is a great way for growers to be as prepared as possible!

The guidelines can be used to help business continuity planning at an orchard level and are split into sections that cover:

  • Fruit fly distribution across the world and why they are a threat to New Zealand
  • What to look out for on orchards
  • Controls to keep fruit flies from getting here
  • Detection methods in case they do get here
  • Controls in the event of a detection and different levels of response
  • How to maintain business continuity and what activities can take place on the orchard in responses
  • How growers and orchards are affected by export restrictions. 

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