Stink Bug Season Starts

A new brown marmorated stink bug season kicked off on 1 September and Biosecurity New Zealand officers are once again working to block potential entry pathways for the invasive pest to arrive in New Zealand. 

There are revised import rules in place for vehicles, machinery and parts – a commodity that has been popular for hitchhiking bugs in the past. Compared to previous seasons, the revisions are small and attracted only a few submissions during the public consultation. The main changes are: 

  • Vehicles, machinery and parts from Poland must now be treated (or undergo other approved management options) before they arrive in New Zealand. The addition of Poland to the list means there are now 38 countries subject to offshore management requirements. 
  • Biosecurity New Zealand  will no longer consider all-terrain vehicles, golf carts, quad bikes, and side-by-side racers for exclusion from management requirements. 
  • Imported inflatable boats are now excluded from the management requirements. 

Similar to previous seasons, the focus of border clearance activity will be cargo that could hide aggregations of BMSB, particularly vehicles, machinery and parts from identified risk countries. 

Officers will carry out deck-by-deck vessel inspections. Further verification checks will be conducted as required, including agitation spraying to flush out any hidden bugs before cargo is unloaded, detector dog screening, and heat treatment. 

Ultimately, Biosecurity New Zealand  can direct vessels and cargo to leave New Zealand if they find contamination or non-compliance with import requirements.