Future challenges tackled at Horticulture Conference 2019

Future challenges tackled at Horticulture Conference 2019

More than 600 fruit and vegetable growers and horticulture industry companies attended the Our Food Future Horticulture Conference 2019 at Mystery Creek last month.

“We’re extremely happy with how our conference has gone” said HortNZ Chief Executive, Mike Chapman.

“Hundreds of growers have come together and heard what the solutions are likely to be to challenges such as changing consumer attitudes and different growing conditions due to climate change”.

The conference heard from overseas experts such as Professor of Food Marketing at the Imperial College London, David Hughes and young leaders like Gen Z, GirlBoss Founder, Alexia Hilbertidou said Chapman.

One of the conference sessions was a biosecurity response simulation which centred around a hypothetical Brown Marmorated Stink Bug scenario. The simulation aimed to raise biosecurity awareness, help attendees understand what happens at a biosecurity response governance meeting and demonstrated the Government Industry Agreement (GIA) framework in action.

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